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Our facility in the Pearl River Delta, Jiangmen, China must meet and surpass stringent environmental standards.


Welcome to Whitford Worldwide

Whitford Shanghai



Set up in 2004, Whitford Shanghai aims to promote and sell engineering coatings made by
Whitford, the makers of the largest, most complete line of fluoropolymer coatings in the world.
Located in Shanghai and with close cooperation with Whitford factories in 8 countries, Whitford Shanghai is dedicated to helping Chinese OEM factories and engineers to solve surface finish problems like lubrication, non-stick, corrosion resistance, etc. We help to find appropriate products, and offer technical service as well.




Whatever your coating problem, Whitford probably has the right product to solve it. If not, we will work closely with you to develop the coating that will.


欢迎您与我们的销售人员联系:Welcome to contact our sales:


上海市卢湾区淮海中路222号力宝广场 1702B 室

Tel: (86) 021-5396 5989, 021-5396 5700

Fax: (86) 021-5396 5969



Room 1702B-1703A, Lippo Plaza

No. 222 Huai Hai Zhong Road

Shanghai, PC: 200021


Melvyn Sang (橡胶密封条) (Flexible Finish)

Mobile: 86-137 0179 9744



Robbin Jiang (工业) (Industrial)

Mobile: 86-139 1765 3065



Nicole Qian (客服) (Customer service)

Tel: 86-21-5396 5989, 86-21-5396 5700



Whitford Headquarters in USA:

Phone: +1-610-286-3500

Fax: +1-610-286-3510


所有您想知道关于不粘涂料的家用产品-免费质询 选择您的语言来参阅PKN




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