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Xylan coatings provide a good margin of security in circumstances in which a mechanism must function when needed, even if only once, and even under the most critical conditions. This includes aircraft parts such as bearings for turbine engines, solenoids, seat ejectors, actuators, door pins and firing mechanisms for ordnance.


Another category is equipment which would be damaged were a component to fail. For example, removing a frozen bolt from chemical-processing equipment could cause damage costing thousands of times more than the bolt. In refinery equipment, the use of a wrench is infinitely safer than the use of a cutting torch.


A good rule of thumb: Apply Xylan dry-film lubricant coatings of approximately 25 microns/0.001 inches to the surfaces of these parts. This ensures that the component will function when required, and also provides good release and excellent corrosion protection.


With Xylan coatings, safety valves continue to work after long-term end-use testing.

With Xylan coatings, safety valves continue
to work after long-term end-use testing.


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