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Xylan proves a winner on the track

Reducing weight and minimizing wear are two major objectives of car designers around the world — especially in car racing. But there's a problem: The lighter the material, the greater the tendency to wear.


Cosworth Engineering, internationally renowned designers of high-performance engines, has solved many design problems with Xylan coatings on engine components:


• Aluminum cylinder liners save weight, but they suffer from scuffing. A collar of Xylan sprayed around the base of the cylinder liner eliminates the problem, even in the engine's hostile environment of heat, oil and friction.


• Cosworth replaced steel throttle plates with aluminum, which is lighter, but running between aluminum guides soon caused scuffing. So Cosworth coated the throttle plate and the guides with Xylan, solving the scuffing problem and providing permanent dry lubrication, even in the presence of gasoline vapor.


• Magnesium castings are lighter, but contact with harder materials (such as the sintered iron rotor in Cosworth's oil scavenger pump) caused wear, rendering the castings unserviceable. A coating of Xylan 1010 solved the problem. Even after extensive racing trials, no appreciable wear was evident.
Having proved itself on the race track, Xylan is now enabling production car designers to cut weight and wear as they improve performance — all at a lower cost.


Xylan adds performance to Cosworth parts.

Xylan adds performance to
Cosworth parts.


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